Celebrity Cooking Class

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Hilda Leung

Hilda Leung uses the technique of steaming
vegetables, keeping the nutrients for children
以無水蒸發揮蔬菜原味原色 吸引小朋友多吃多學

Course Menu:
- Steamed Chicken with Black Garlic and Mixed Mushroom
- 無水蒸‧黑蒜雜菌蒸雞 配淺底鑄鐵鍋

- Steamed Organic Pumpkin and Vegetables
- 無水蒸‧鹽麴田園野菜 配淺底鑄鐵鍋

- Steamed Seafood with Kale and Wolfberries
- 無水蒸‧羽衣甘藍杞子海鮮煲 配淺底鑄鐵鍋

Course Timetable:

Gavin Chow

Gavin Chow will demonstrate the use of cast iron pots and teaching you the master skills of
traditional Japanese cuisine
日式餐廳總廚 教你在家以鑄鐵鍋煮出日本風味

Japanese Course 日式烹飪班:
- Grilled Beef Tongue with Square Skillet Grill
- 鐵板牛舌 配平底鑄鐵煎鍋

- Deep-Fried Pork Cutlet with Scramble Egg
with Buffet Casserole
-滑蛋吉列豬扒 配淺底鑄鐵鍋

- Snapper soup in Japanese Style with Marmite
- 日式鯛魚湯 配深底鑄鐵鍋

- Japanese Pearl Rice with Round French Oven
- 口感軟糯珍珠飯 配圓形鑄鐵鍋

9th January, 2017
17th January, 2017

Chinese Course 中式烹飪班:
- Chinese Sausages and Cured Duck Leg Pot Rice with Round French Oven
- 臘味煲仔飯 配圓形鑄鐵鍋

- Steamed shrimps and Garlic with Glass Noodles with Buffet Casserole
- 蒜蓉粉絲開邊”無水蒸”蝦 配淺底鑄鐵鍋

- Stir-Fried Mix with Marmite
- XO醬鑊氣小炒皇 配深底鑄鐵鍋

- Braised Pork Ribs with Chestnuts with Round French Oven
- 栗子炆排骨 配圓形鑄鐵鍋


16th January, 2017
23th January, 2017