20cm Round French Oven Starter Set

20cm Round French Oven Starter Set

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Our world-renowned Enamelled Cast Iron French Ovens embody the original spirit and character of Le Creuset. The complete palette of vibrant colours has made these kitchen classics unmistakable - and their time-honoured design has made them beloved by generations ideally for casseroles, stews, pot roasting and perfect for preparing soups and rice dishes, even for baking.

Also known as a Dutch oven, this updated kitchen classic enhances the cooking process by evenly distributing heat and locking in the optimal amount of moisture. With ergonomic handles and an advanced interior enamel that resists chipping and cleans easily, Le Creuset’s French ovens blend the best of the past with the latest innovations in comfort and functionality.

Le Creuset stoneware rice bowls are available in a full assortment of signature colors, and are durable enough for meals as well as storing leftovers in the refrigerator after a meal.

The special texture of the MAplewood rice scoop can prevent the rice from sticking, making it easy to clean.

20cm Round French Oven Colour*

Rice Bowl Colour*

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Item Diameter Capacity Weight Serves Recommended Retail Price
Round French Oven 20 cm 2.4 L 3.35 kg 1 ~ 2 people HK$2,988
Rice Bowl 12 cm 0.3 L 0.3 Kg 1 people HK$238
Rice Bowl 12 cm 0.3 L 0.3 Kg 1 people HK$238
Rice Scoop - - - Kg - HK$268

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